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jbCM Magazine is a nonprofit entity. We provide print and digital marketing for local artists, entrepreneurs, and educators. All funds received go to the production, printing, and distribution of the magazine in Colorado Springs and San Diego.

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jbCM Magazine has an new online store. We will soon feature local artists. Currently, we have a growing list of selected and recommended products. All proceeds from any sales go directly to production, printing, and distribution of the magazine in Colorado Springs and San Diego.

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Inspire people to embrace their creativity. We can all learn something valuable from each other’s individual genius.


Expand the appreciation of creativity in all forms.


We provide a platform for artist, entrepreneurs and educators to share their passions to motivate and inspire others


Creativity is not the end-product, but a process. We are all creative, we all have an innate superpower to achieve great things in our own, individual way. We all have something to share and we all can learn from each other’s knowledge, wisdom and experiences.


Periodically, jbCM Magazine will give out significant monetary awards to selected artists, entrepreneurs, and educators. We will also hold various contests with various levels of rewards.


The magazine is a platform for people to share their creativity. We are always looking for authors, artists, chefs and photographers to contribute, both in-print and online.

Each issue is based on a theme which is chosen in a semi-random fashion. Articles, art and features center around the theme, either directly or indirectly.

If you would like to join the team and have a place where people can appreciate your work, contact us today: Contribute@jbCMMagazine.org


Our magazine is always free and our focus is to provide interesting, compelling content. It is not a book of ads. We reach thousands of people via display and direct mail.

Our sponsor plans include photography, design and video. Extreme value for your money. Contact us today:

DONATE to jbCM Magazine


  • Print Publication: Quarterly, soon to be bi-monthly
  • Online Publication: Continuous
  • Print Format: 8.5″ x 5.5″, Self cover, 80lb Glossy Book with Aqueous Coating, 28pgs