Back Home in Colorado Springs

Jay Billups


Whew! Back in Colorado Springs after a short, but fruitful, trip to Dallas.

I met with potential donors (large and small), contributors and marketers… great experience. I shared the magazine with anyone who would listen. Had some very thoughtful and in-depth conversations on the meaning of creativity and the roles it plays in everyone’s life.

This trip seemed kind of random and it was a bit. Surprisingly, it arose from a Lyft ride to the airport on my way to San Diego. The driver is a pilot for an owner of a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Farmers Branch, Texas. He shared the magazine with the owner and next thing you know I’m headed to Texas to discuss possible donor/business relationships.

The contact was too good to pass up. Great conversation and great potential. Now let’s see where this leads. Exciting start to our nonprofit journey.


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