“TRANSFORM” Official Contest Rules

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There are two separate art contests (photography and 2-D art). All rules apply to both contest unless otherwise noted.

General Rules:

  1. The contest is themed based and corresponds to the current issue of jbCM Magazine.
  2. No entry fee.
  3. One (1) entry per contestant.
  4. The Theme is “TRANSFORM”
    1. Your submitted art will be YOUR own representation of the theme.
    2. It’s all about what the theme means to you and how you choose to represent it. Be creative!
  5. One (1) $100 grand prize (Visa gift card) for each contest (2).
    1. Art with the most votes wins.
    2. jbCM Magazine editors and staff may not vote.
    3. In-Person votes = 4pts
    4. Online votes = 1pts
    5. Daily votes allowed
    6. jbCM Magazine will actively promote voting
  6. Frame art will be displayed at EZ Ship ETC and online.
    1. EZ Ship ETC – 5142 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918.
    2. Online link will be provide when page is active.

Art Entry:

  1. Entries may be an existing piece of work or an original.
  2. Entrants will provide the name of the piece and describe how their work relates to the current contest theme “TRANSFORM”.
    1. 100 words or less.
    2. jbCM Magazine will provide a placard for your name, piece name and description to accompany your art.
  3. All art must be able to be hanged by hook. We use the STAS hanging system. Hook examples.
  4. All art must be framed
    1. Max size for 2-D art is 16″x20.”
    2. Max size for photography is 11″x14.”
  5. Even though art will be properly secured, entrants will sign a waiver for theft and damage, before art is hung.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse to hang any art that is offensive in nature.


  1. Photography Contest Timeline:
    1. 7/06/2017 – Digital image due to contest@jbCMMagazine.com
    2. 7/07/2017 – Framed photographs due to EZ Ship Etc
    3. 7/10/2017 – Art displayed, voting begins
    4. 7/21/2017 – Last day to vote
    5. 7/22/2017 – Art Pickup
  2. 2D-Art Contest Timeline:
    1. 7/27/2017 – Digital image due to contest@jbCMMagazine.com (let us know if you need assistance)
    2. 7/28/2017 – Framed art due to EZ Ship Etc
    3. 7/31/2017 – Art displayed, voting begins
    4. 8/11/2017 – Last day to vote
    5. 8/12/2017 – Art Pickup

If you have any questions please email Contests@jbCMMagazine.com.