Our magazine is ALWAYS FREE. We distribute in physical locations (restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, local businesses, libraries, etc) and in the mail.


Colorado Springs, CO – Over 250 physical locations and mail

Denver, CO (coming soon)

Chula Vista, CA (coming soon)



Currently we print 30,000 magazines per issue. 5,000 are distributed throughout the city and 25,000 are mailed directly to local residents.


The primary focus of the magazine is content. It will never be a book of ads. The the magazine contains 8-9 full-page ads.

Currently, rates run as low as $0.10 per copy for full-page ads.


Our goal is to produce a publication that is interesting to a wide range of people. The magazine’s covers are always compelling and engaging (okay, sometimes they’re weird). Our publication targets people who are socially active.