jbCM Magazine is now a Nonprofit!

jbCM Magazine

It’s official! jbCM Magazine is now a stand alone, nonprofit entity. Jay has filed the paperwork with the state of Colorado as of October 4th, 2017. All that’s left is some super fun forms with the IRS.

We’ll form our board soon. Here are the current staff positions:

  • President: Jay Billups
  • Vice President: Lloyd Washington
  • Treasurer: Cheri Lewis
  • Secretary: Robin Stephenson

As a nonprofit we will double-down on our commitment to the communities we serve. The magazine will remain a free publication. The creative spotlight features (articles and videos) will remain free to entrepreneurs, artists, and educators. In addition, we will present periodic, significant, grants to selected artists, entrepreneurs, and educators! Stay tuned

If you’d like to get involved or donate please contact us!

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