14 Eco Glamorous Ideas That Are Stylishly Saving the Planet

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Just one staggering statistic: did you know that it takes roughly 1,800 gallons of water to grow the cotton to produce 1 pair of blue jeans? Don’t worry; I didn’t know this until I started studying what a water footprint was.

I’m a lover of fashion, but my normal everyday clothes are not off the runways of NYC or Paris. I’m a bit more price conscious. And there are designers and clothing manufactures that are changing their practices to become more conscious of the environment. YES, we LOVE this!

Here are 3 eco minded brands that are designing beautiful clothing, using non-toxic dyes, sustainable fabrics and manufacturing with a zero waste philosophy.

  • Reformation = Uses sustainable fabrics and vintage garments
  • H&M Conscious = Eco friendly fashion on a budget
  • Nudie Jeans = 100% Organic cotton

In my wardrobe right now: Green Apple yoga wear, why? Because, not only are they super comfortable right from the first wear, but there yoga gear is made out of hemp!! Yes, hemp!

As a parent, I want to put the best most eco friendly clothes on my daughter. Here are 4 sites I found for our back-to-school shopping.

  • Garnet Hill
  • Natural Clothing Company
  • Hanna Andersson
  • Xylemclothing

7 Tips for making your wardrobe more Eco Glam;

  • Choose your laundry detergent with care: go with detergent that is plant based and wash clothes in cold water. Try and avoid the overpowering smells as well.
  • Donate your old and used clothes. There are so many organizations that can put these to good use immediately.
  • Reusable bags. Bring them everywhere and save on the plastic.
  • Be wary of the cheap t-shirts, belts, and jewelry. Those producers rely on you the consumer for fast fashion at a cost. Most cheap products can contain lead.
  • Fabrics like hemp, organic cotton and bamboo are just some of the sustainable fabrics used to make beautiful fashion. Know your fabrics.
  • Go faux!! Nothing wrong with faux, but investigate what chemicals are being used to treat faux fabrics as well.
  • Buy local! Support those designers who are producing goods locally. You not only support your local communities, but you are also reducing environmental impact.

The above are just some ideas to get you thinking. Don’t toss out all of your clothes, hand bags, shoes but instead add pieces to your closet one at a time and before you know it, the bulk of your closet will be more eco conscious.

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