Is Air Fryer Frying Frying?

David Billups

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Anyone worth the salt on their steak fries will tell you that buffalo chicken is a MANFOOD staple. From the Anchor Bar in Buffalo to every bar across the country, buffalo chicken may be the perfect beer-food paring great with tots, fries, potato skins, as an appetizer or as a standalone meal. And when you can’t decide between buffalo chicken wings and a burger, in comes the buffalo chicken sandwich to safe the day. But when you find yourself wanting one of these at home on a regular basis, that’s when the concern should set in. Yep this is not the healthiest way to eat chicken and deep-frying should really be left to the commercial kitchen where there is help to clean what ends up being a hot mess – literally. So in my effort to grow wiser and not just older, I contemplated an air fryer. By contemplating I mean, I went to a store and bought the biggest one for the cheapest price which ended up being the NuWave, Brio Healthy Digital 10-quart Air Fryer.

My first three attempts to make chicken tenders failed in an embarrassing fashion as family and friends looked on. I blamed it on the fryer and had secret plans to return it but couldn’t find my receipt, so I did some sleuthing around and found a recipe that seemed like it made sense and gave it a try and Boom! The fourth attempted sucked way less and I could see a light at the end of this air fryer tunnel. For my fifth attempt I broke out the video camera and documented as I was pretty confident that this was a winner-winner accompanied by a buffalo chicken dinner! Now this is not an air fryer tutorial or an air fryer recommendation; just a some friendly advice from your neighborhood MANFOODIE. Grab one if you so desire and understand that you will need a recipe that works for an air fryer and finding one may take five tries. But once you get the hang of it, and understand that  it is not really a fryer, you can start enjoying it and feeling better about the MANFOOD you make at home.

Pros: This is a large Air Fryer (10 quarts) with a lot of room for a variety of options

Cons: This is a large Air Fryer that opens from the top like a rice cooker making it difficult to find adequate space on small counter tops with low cabinets.

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