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Everyone is seeking success, especially in the entrepreneurial world.  For Alan Hayden, his search started quite literally in the “Google Search Bar.”  After five years of working construction, Hayden found his career unfulfilling and lost his inclination to work in the area.  He looked up “How to Make Money Online” and two of the search results caught Alan’s eye.  Both posts were blogs that earned money by building a loyal audience and turning them into loyal clientele.  The bloggers could sell digital products related to their content, knowing it would appeal to their community.  One of the blogs, “Wandering Earl,” appealed to the travel bug Alan had.

Hayden decided to pursue an entrepreneurship so he quit his construction job and hit the road.  His first destination was Serbia, a hub for online entrepreneurship. He stayed for three months learning all he could.  Following his Serbian stay, Alan was in Germany for three weeks; Budapest for five; then Chiang Mai, Thailand.  For eight months, Alan tried to create a blog but learned it wasn’t for him. He did, however, find a business endeavor that would work for him.

Alan ended up finding his own strengths were in his literal strength.  As an avid weightlifter who enjoys exercise, Alan now sells physical products within the fitness market.  In Serbia, the traveler heard a fellow entrepreneur listening to a podcast about selling products on  Hayden bought a course from the podcast and had a product, the weightlifting belt, on the online store just four months later. His business Dark Iron Fitness was born.  Before developing his own merchandise, the entrepreneur found that most of the weightlifting accessory choices on the market were nothing but mediocre.  Alan advocates doing as much research as one can to ensure success.  In his groundwork, Hayden found that weightlifting commodities were in demand and the products themselves stood to be improved on.

Honest business is what led Hayden, 28, to success at such an early age.  Alan considers success “the ability to have control and do what you want to do in any aspect of life.”  Hayden may have started following his entrepreneurial lifestyle with a question of making money, but he compares money in business to money in poker.  “Money is a unit of measurement, it shows how well you’re playing the game.”  Alan is most definitely playing the game well.  Dark Iron Fitness continues to grow into what Hayden hopes to be a “big name brand”  as he makes quality products and builds strong relationships.

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