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Multi-Media Artist


To achieve your goals you need plenty of motivation and inspiration. Some comes from within and some comes from life experiences. Amanda Whipp, a mixed media artist, embodies both to the fullest extent.

Amanda does different types of art on different media. To date, she has published two comic books. “Underwood and Flinch – Night Crossing”, an adaptation of a podcast novel by Mike Bennett, a writer based in Ireland. And “Road Trip” a graphic novel produced for Sheath Comics, located in Colorado Springs, CO.

She started as a fan of Mike’s work about 7 years ago after stumbling upon his audio book while working a night shift. She started doing art inspired by the story and contacted Mike to see if he’d be interested in collaborating on a graphic novel, he enthusiastically agreed. You can learn more about the finished work here:

Amanda is a great example for aspiring artist everywhere, she has the tenacity to approach people and discuss her art. I always say that people don’t know what you do unless you tell them. This is something that’s difficult for artists to accomplish. During our interview, Amanda briefly discussed the “imposter’s syndrome,” in which you talk yourself into believing that you are not good enough and your art is not worthy. That voice in the back of your head that says you’re not at a level to warrant the work and accolades. She struggles with it every day, but makes the effort to overcome.

Amanda, being from a household that went through a tough divorce, used her art to escape into her own world. In high school she was mentored by an art teacher, who saw her true potential, and really pushed her to refine her talent. As a freshman, she was put into his senior art class and then private study.

Again, another great example. I’m a teacher myself and I absolutely love it when students are excited and passionate about what they do. Every teacher I know will bend over backwards to help students who show even the slightest amount of interest. If you are hungry to learn and grow, there are people out there just as willing to help you achieve your goals.

After high school, Amanda began to create comics and discovered her new medium; ball point pens. She wasn’t in the position to be able to afford typical art supplies. The pens were inexpensive and allowed her to express herself and continue to strengthen her art.

Read in print issue 2016-09

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