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Chief Agitator, a title Charlie Searle holds dearly as a member of the Colorado Springs band, the Ashtōnz. Unlike other bands bemoaning constant drama, the Ashtōnz are made up of good bunch of guys with no attitudes or egos … everyone just wants to play well, entertain their audiences and have a good time!

Charlie describes their style as “Old Guy Music,” 60’s – 80’s era tracks … pop, rock, country, blues, no opera (yet), and I’ve even heard them play a Prince song or two in their own unique style. One thing I think a lot of people enjoy about the Ashtōnz is that they don’t play the popular songs that everyone knows, they pull out those deep tracks. It’s pretty cool when you hear a song that relate to that you thought not very many people actually even knew about. You definitely won’t hear the same stuff you hear everywhere else you go. It’s an intentionally unique experience.

In addition to the band, among other things, Charlie helps run Searle Ranch ( They raise Longhorn cattle and sell 100% grass fed beef. If you’re lucky you’ll catch one of their cattle drives through downtown Denver.

In regards to the band, one of the most satisfying aspects have been the wealth of unanticipated relationships that have been created; personal, business and community. That one factor alone helps all of the members of Ashtōnz continue on without it ever feeling like work.
Charlie is on personal mission, as a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, to show people that you can rock hard and have a great time without killing yourself in the process.

Do yourself a favor and check out Charlie Searle’s full video interview above. Learn about how the band came up with their unique name, future gigs, goals and desires and some cool stuff about Longhorn cattle! jbCM

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