Avoid a Three-Ring Circus

Sheridan Fidelman

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Let’s Talk Weddings

You plan for months or maybe even years. You have countless meetings with all your different vendors. You’ve got your bridesmaids to all decide on a dress, and your bulging three-ring wedding-planning binder is about to combust! So, after all this time of stressing, pulling your hair out, and redoing seating charts hundreds of times, how do you finally let go and enjoy your wedding day?

It’s not easy to change from perfectionist, planning every little detail, to a kick-back-and-enjoy-yourself bride. If you don’t, your beautiful wedding might turn into a three-ring circus.

1. Be organized during planning.
You will be more at ease on the big day if you’ve nailed down the details well before then. As soon as you’ve started planning, set up a filing system to keep your contracts, receipts and notes together. A few weeks before the wedding, give your vendors any special instructions, as well as directions to the ceremony and/or reception sites.
2. Keep your perspective.
Chances are, there’ll be some snags along the way — the napkins are the wrong color, your bouquet is smaller than you expected — but nothing should overshadow the joy of the day. “I’ve been a bridesmaid 14 times and an event planner for 13 years. I’ve seen many people lose it over insignificant details,” says Mary K. Talbot, of Barrington, Rhode Island. “At my own wedding, I reminded myself that things were bound to go wrong — but probably only I would notice. Instead of worrying, I focused on visiting with family and friends.”
3. Recruit help.
My recently married cousin, Susan, recruited my help for her wedding day. I was in charge of distributing boutonnières and corsages. I also supervised my young cousins, who passed out rose petals for the post-ceremony toss. These may seem like small, even inconsequential assists, but added up they take a hefty burden off your shoulders.
4. Keep a sense of humor.
Chances are something will go wrong, try to roll with the punches. For example, I went to a good friend’s wedding last year and right when she walked down the aisle, the sky opened and poured down on us. While some people would have probably let that ruin their day, my friend did not let the rain, rain on her parade! Instead, she smiled, laughed, and got the most beautiful wedding pictures ever with rainbows behind her!
5. Surround yourself with positive people.
There are some people in our lives that tend to keep us calm during hectic times, and others that can make our skin boil. On your wedding day, only be around those that make you smile even if there’s nothing to smile about! I am not saying you should uninvite family members who could possibly cause you some stress, I’m saying make an effort to only be around positive people.

The wedding industry has greatly expanded over the years, becoming a multi-million dollar industry that most brides and grooms buy into, me included. Aside from these five tips, I would say when your day finally arrives, take a deep breath and let go. Your wedding day should not and will not become A THREE RING CIRCUS.

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