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Basia Hamdeed – Bringing Walls to Life

Jay Billups

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A bright, quiet and soulful personality. Your initial impression may belie how serious and dedicated she is to her art. However, make no mistake, Basia Hamdeed is committed to her goal of producing art that makes people feel and share experiences.

Basia is an artist, illustrator, and “all around story teller.” While it’s difficult to narrow down her type of art and storytelling it can range from fantasy to reality and everything in-between and beyond. Just one look at her work and that description will make complete sense. Her art is simple, yet complex at the very same time.

Basia is always looking for a way to express herself in different ways. Her latest project is a very large mural (20’ x 9’) at a local shipping store, EZ Ship Etc (5142 Academy Blvd N, Colorado Springs, CO). Business owner, Lloyd Washington, is big supporter of local artists and businesses and he had a wall that needed some personality – a perfect match.

Mural at EZ Ship ETC by Basia Hamdeed

For six weeks, Basia work on the mural during her free time. The goal behind the design of the mural was to create a story the reflects the business, explains who Lloyd is and his describes his interaction with his customers. “Lloyd has such a great personality and it is really the most memorable part of the experience when you come to his store … I wanted to make sure that came across very clearly in what I did,” said Basia.

She went through several drafts of the design until she create one that resonated with her. First, it was important to use the entire wall space that begins at the entrance and leads to the counter where Lloyd stands to greet his customers. “A lot of the imagery kind of pulls you in, from the paper airplanes that fly towards the reception desk to the different color arms that extend from who knows where,” Basia explains. She further described that the different elements of the art interact among themselves, they are there to help each other. which symbolizes how effortlessly and comfortably Lloyd interacts with his customers.

Creating art in public was a whole new experience as well, quite different from the solitude of a studio. Usually, when she’s creating art, she is alone, can keep to herself and get lost in her music. In this unique situation, she wasn’t able to hide or avoid people, but she actually enjoyed the experience of interacting with the public. People showed a great deal of interest in what she was doing, asking questions and even providing friendly advice and even gave some “constructive” feedback. She definitely believes the experience is something that she will grow from and become a better, even more confident artist.

There’s another benefit of sharing your art with the public. When you set out to create a piece you have a specific meaning and/or interpretation in mind, usually based on your own experiences. However, the work you create will most likely cause unintended or unexpected effects on someone else, because their life experiences are completely different than yours. Basia relates that “different interpretations of your art just adds to the power of what the images are trying to portray … it adds to the versatility in the imagery … and the fact that it is a universal tool to communicate stories and ideas.”

Think about all of the blank, boring walls out there. Excellent canvases that could use the help of wonderful local artists. If you are part of an organization or own a business that has a naked wall or two, I highly encourage you to find a local artist to help you share your story with others. JB

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