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Blue Sass Custom Creations is owned by Nicole and Desiree Lorenzana. They started their business in 2015, and have seen only success in what they do. At Blue Sass, you can get ANYTHING customized. From umbrellas, to shoes, to all of your business apparel.

Blue Sass Custom Creations

jbCM: Please introduce yourselves to the readers.
Nicole: My name is Nicole Lorenzana, and I am the owner of Blue Sass Custom Creations. I am originally from California, but I’ve lived all over the world. I lived in Europe, the East Coast, and more recently Denver. Now I am here in Colorado Springs, and I love it.
Desiree: My name is Desiree Lorenzana, I am from Oklahoma and I’ve been in Colorado since 1992. Before Blue Sass I used to care for my grandparents who were ill, up until they passed. Before that I mostly did telemarketing and car detailing.

jbCM: What is Blue Sass?
Nicole: At Blue Sass we customize shoes, clothing, and accessories. We can take your logo and put it on anything. For example; we customize smocks, capes, and umbrellas for a salon, and we also do all the logo work for Fallen Heroes Tattoo Parlor here in Colorado Springs.

jbCM: What do you mean when you say customize?
Desiree: When we say customize, we mean if you have an idea we can put it on ANYTHING!

jbCM: What made you get into what you’re doing?
Nicole: We were on our way to a Madonna concert in 2015, and we wanted to make an 80’s outfit. Everyone loved what we did! When my mom was diagnosed with cancer, we made her t-shirts to lift her spirits and she just loved them. Then we started customizing shoes, and it was a huge hit so we started to add in more things and here we are!

jbCM: What gave you the confidence to start this business?
Nicole: I got the confidence from the reactions we got from people when we made them something.
Desiree: I can do anything I can put my mind to, and I know that Nicole can do the same so it gives me the confidence to keep going.

jbCM: What’s your favorite part about what you do?
Desiree: My favorite part is seeing people’s expressions when they see what we made for them, and seeing people wearing our creations.

jbCM: Describe a memorable reaction you had from a customer.
Desiree: We customized heels for an America’s Next Top Model contestant, Victoria Henley, a few years ago and she loves them so much she still wears them to this day. I see them on T.V. and in magazines all the time.

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