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Hello..Bob Kittridge from Kittridge Connection here.

Today we are talking about…..Esteem …..

One of the things I like to do is really understand the meaning of a word. What I find is that one word can have many different meanings depending on who you ask.

When I looked up Esteem I found it means respect and admiration, typically for a person. Usually we hear this as self-esteem. and that is what I want to talk about, our own respect and admiration.

In my work as a coach, I find many times, clients will come to me and want change, however they are not willing to invest in themselves. Either in time, money or effort…What I have learned is there is a direct correlation between that investment and their own self-esteem.

If we do not respect and value ourselves then we will not be willing to do what it takes for success.

Lets look at this, if we take Self-esteem on a scale of 1 to 5 and say I see myself as a 5 I will invest in myself for my dreams and success. Time, money and effort. I will do what it takes to achieve my dream.

I will believe I am worth that success…that Dream.

I have also learned, that as I invest in others the first step for me is to really determine what their self-esteem is, why?…

Because I will never get anymore out of that person than their own self-esteem will allow…..

We can also equate self-esteem to self image and Maxwell Maltz in his book Psycho-Cybernetics, says that we will never outperform our own self-image.

If our Self-Esteem is low, we may experience some success, but it will never be at a consistent and continual level.

Let’s go back to self-esteem, if we do not respect ourselves, if we do not have the admiration of our own worth and value then we all be limited in the success we have.

If you are at a spot right now where you are maybe stuck,…..and let me tell you STUCK STINKS…I would bet that is has to do with your level let Self-Esteem

Ok Bob How do I get UNSTUCK?

I encourage you to do this exercise.

Really take some time and explore your Self-Esteem…..

Ask yourself what is my number? If I were to put a number of my self-esteem what would it be?…….Write that down….

Also start to capture what it is you say to that person in the mirror in the morning

Start to really be aware of that self will really revel your Self-Esteem.

The second question is…no matter what the number is…

Ask yourself why so high?

Yes…… Why so high?

Asking this, instead of why so low allows you to access the resources that have facilitated your growth to the level where you right now….

AND allows you to further access those resources to grow and raise your Self-esteem.

Ok……next step is to really define the vision of your success, your dream.

Then determine…what is the level my self-esteem has to be in order for me to achieve that dream? That Goal?

Then set out and design a plan to access the resources needed….maybe it is education, maybe its finding a mentor or a coach, maybe its reading….

Access those resources to raise your self-esteem to the level that is needed to achieve your dream and success, will allow you to grow and develop into that person you need to be to achieve your dreams……

Remember…..our success is not dependent on what we know…it depends on who we are!

And until we meet gain……Build on Belief!

Bob Kittridge, Personal Development Coach,


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