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Bob Kittridge: Transform

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Transformation has meant a total shift of who I am. You can’t really see transformation, unless you have been part of the process. Remember … transformation is a dramatic change in form or appearance. If you would have met me years ago, you would be able to have seen the transformation.

You would have seen someone who was afraid and fearful. Someone who did not take risks, someone who stayed hidden and safe. Let alone ever believe he deserved better or could be successful.

Now, transformation does not happen overnight, it is a journey, filled with unknowns and obstacles and failures. It is also filled with successes and learnings. It is filled with training, education, mentoring and tears … of joy and sorrow.

Transformation is a dramatic change in form or appearance. But it is the journey that really matters.Today what you see here is an example of transformation. What you see here is the dramatic change in form and appearance. Today I am a believer that we are created whole and complete, resourced for everything we are created to achieve.

Today I dance with the fear and excitement of working with individuals and organizations to discover their own purpose, their passion and their own transformation!

Bob Kittridge, Personal Development Coach,


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