Bound by the Storm

Victoria Toscano

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Taking a Detour

The thunder finds resilience within the clouds, pounding with commitment to make the bright burst of lightning strike. Where it will strike, no one knows. When it will impend its strength upon the Earth remains a mystery. The most important question is always, “why?” Why is the sky determined to force the water droplets to fall, only for them to scatter across the windshields of cars and gather in the crooked cracks of pavement? Why does the rain return even while civilization cries, “Rain, rain- go away?”

The determination of the clouds should serve as an example for how strong we, as humans, could be – specifically teenagers. Teenagers are constantly thrown curve balls. I, a young woman, choose to believe that it is slowly getting me ready for independence. Approaching my junior year in high school, the thought of college is becoming more vivid; I only have two more years left until the world is real. It will be completely and inevitably real. There will be bills to pay and groceries to buy. There will be people to dodge and people to fall in love with. There will be a whole new city to explore and endless opportunities.

It all seems too good to be true. What’s the catch? Making a whole new life seems great. The uncomfortable amount of responsibility, not so much. Teenagers approaching college often scope the scenario in a means of comfort. “As long as no one moves, not even a smidge, the unstable bricks will stay in their leaning stack. As long as I look down from the face of danger and turn from the things I like for the things I am expected to like, nothing will fall apart.” That perspective is solely negative. No one is excited for an undesirable involvement.
College is meant to be a positive experience, of learning and newfound independence. A lot of teenagers look at college with wide eyes like the building is going to explode once they walk into it.
The key to life, as my Dad always tells me, is positivity. Look for the inkling of light, because in the light is happiness. Look for a place, even it is not college that you will thrive. You deserve to thrive. It is your life. It is your Zen. It is your chase. You are the resilient works of lightning. Forget the people that try to bring you down. Forget the comments that you are not worthy. You are worthy. You are miraculous. You choose when to strike, where to strike, and how to strike, because it is all your thunder.

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