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Beehives are fascinating. Every bee has a job, and every job supports the health of the whole. As a metaphor, the beehive can be a powerful way to re-imagine personal growth.

The beehive is a study in efficient use of time and resources. The queen is the reason the hive exists. She is its focus.

Workers bees are versatile, and have wide ranging jobs that include cooling the hive, nourishing it, defending, and nurturing its future generations. Even with such wide-ranging skills, workers exist to serve the hive.

Drones fertilize the queen’s eggs, during a single mating period. They are cared for by the workers, and if there are too many of them, they’ll be driven from the hive. Most drones are kept around in case a second queen is born, to start a new hive. Without the drones’ presence, there would be no hive.

All parts of a beehive exist to serve the whole. Whether it’s a project, a personal goal, or a life philosophy, we all can use a little hive logic to ensure our various hives are served well. We can expand goals when necessary, shed things that are not currently of use, and still allow some extraneous, seemingly-useless elements to hang out . . . just in case.

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