Bridezilla or Bride-Ella

Sheridan Fidelman

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Let’s Talk Weddings

He popped the question.  You’re engaged!! NOW WHAT?

Suddenly it hits you that everything you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl is now staring you in the face. You are faced with all these decisions. Where should you get married? Who should be invited? What kind of wedding do you want? After thinking about all this you’re probably thinking maybe it’s best to run off and elope. When I got engaged, everyone jokingly warned me not to turn into a bridezilla. Whether it’s having unrealistic expectations of your bridesmaids, throwing a fit over minute details or just being a drama queen, it’s easy to let that inner-bridezilla loose.

Here are some tips on how to avoid becoming a bridezilla.

Share Your Vision. Getting married to your best friend is the big plan for your wedding day. But what else do you want? An over the top event, rustic romance, a casual affair? Whatever your ideal wedding day, make sure you and your fiancé agree, and then share that vision with family and friends.

Have Realistic Expectations. Although your wedding day can be perfect, things may still go wrong. Dinner may be delayed, those who didn’t RSVP might show up, or it may rain on your outdoor ceremony. While you can’t control all aspects of the day, you can control how you react to them.

Have A Great Attitude. Planning a wedding can be a stressful and emotional. Budgets, merging families and a big event are a lot to deal with. Decide to roll with the punches. Smile!  Those around you will follow your attitude. Remember to always be polite. Being gracious will leave family, friends, and guests with positive memories of your wedding day. Having their support after the wedding will help you have a happy and healthy marriage.

Stick To A Budget. Plan a detailed budget and stick to it.  Working within your budget allows you to avoid the arguments and stress of spending more than you have.

Competition. Squash your desire to compete with other brides. If someone had 200 guests, you don’t need 300. You don’t need a bigger venue or a more elaborate dress.  Your guests will see YOUR wedding vision and won’t be comparing it to anyone else’s.

Remember What It’s All About. A wedding is a lovely occasion but it’s just the start. There are lots of years to follow! Remember that marriage is about making a commitment and building a lasting relationship together.

If you DO turn into a bridezilla watch out! It’s not worth losing friendships over one day in your life.  Keep that inner-bridezilla under control and become a Bride-ella.  You’ve waited for this day for a long time so sit back, enjoy the journey, and have fun on your day.  And don’t forget to thank your parents or those who helped you along the way and give your new hubby a great big hug and kiss!

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