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Carlos Ibarra – Hustle Hard Boxing

Jay Billups

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“All I want to do is help. I want to be that guy I didn’t have when I was growing up.” Carlos “Charlie Hustle” Ibarra, has an admirable sense of community, a desire to give back and a strong will to lead people in the right direction.

Carlos is the proud co-owner and coach at Victory MMA & Hustle Hard Boxing. He runs programs for all ages in the family-friendly gym. He also trains boxers and MMA fighters of all levels, amateur to professional.

It seems gyms promising great looks and health are on every corner. One thing, among others, that sets Mr. Ibarra above the fray is what he does for children in the community. Many of the parents, referred by others parents, walk through his door and ask him point blank, “help me with my kid!” Carlos is known in the community as someone who cares and will do whatever he can to instill some much-needed discipline and direction in anyone will to accept it.

Carlos says fighting and getting people in shape are the only things he’s good at. I’ll agree that is his primary passion, but he excels at so much more.


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