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Beneath the Surface

You hear over and over how quickly life passes, but you don’t typically notice it until it’s time to send your once tiny toddler off to college or experience the loss of someone you hold dear. With that in mind, you must think about what it truly means to carpe diem, or seize the day.

Living life to the fullest is not just about accomplishing personal goals, it’s about leaving a footprint that positively impacts others’ lives. Your reputation should far exceed your life on earth.
Spend quality time with your family. This task is underrated. Many times, we think it’s the things we give our family that they remember, but it’s not. It’s the time we give them. I think back to my own childhood and take the most pleasure in the family trips to the beach, and the times my sister, brother, and I would just sit around singing. Quality time does not come with a high monetary price, just a willing heart.

Let your friends know you love them. It’s easy to wait until you’re giving a eulogy to profess the great love you have for them, but why not tell them while they can hear you? I understand, sharing one’s feelings does not come easily for everyone. But, this is where you must forget about yourself, and think about how these simple words can enhance the life of someone you call a friend.
Volunteer. There are many people, with many needs. Why not be a part of the solution? Although you may feel you have nothing to offer, it’s not true! We all have something that someone else needs. You can feed the homeless…rock babies at the NICU of your local hospital…cut the grass of your elderly neighbor. Just get involved.

Practice a positive attitude. A bright disposition comes through in the way you treat others. You smile without realizing it. I was at the store one day, and the grocery cart of another shopper coming around the corner, almost collided with mine. He apologized, and my response was, “No problem!”, with a smile. The gentleman actually thanked me for smiling and not being upset. I didn’t consciously think about smiling. It came out because that’s what was inside me. What’s inside you is going to come out, too. Don’t let it be something you’ll regret.

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