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First, I think that I avoid transformation at all costs. I have always taken the path of least resistance, through I am trying to change that. I found that I transform my ways when I am forced.

When the path I am on no longer is visible anymore and I am forced to find another. I think this can be beneficial though because then you can never go back to your previous one. You have traveled to the end of that path and you learn everything you possibly can from it.

I would split transformation into three categories, intellectual, physical, and emotional. Physical transformation is inevitable on a larger scale- you are not even made of the same molecules throughout your life. Intellectual transformation occurs through the learning of new thought forms, this does not necessarily require personal experience. I think I like this form of experience because it can be done passively- though it can lead to some powerful new ways to live your life. Emotional transformation is probably the hardest thing that I, probably that we have to go through because it involves a lot of pain and happiness.

While happiness is often fleeting pain is what can last quite a while, I think we change the most by going through painful experiences and coming out the other end better for it. It makes life a little more interesting to experience the array of emotions rather than just looking for happiness everywhere you go.

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