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Commitment is the process of binding oneself intellectually, emotionally and physically, to a course of action.  If that course of action is something that I am passionate about it makes the journey enjoyable because no matter what the stumbling blocks are along the way that passion is the light at the end of the tunnel.

That sounds simplistic, doesn’t it?  Once there is a pledge to a course of action, that’s it, just do it right?  No; not so fast.  It would be great if that was all there was to it. However, there are some components to commitments or pledges that will need to be met in order to have success in a particular endeavor.

There are goals and objectives to be set.   Goals are the big picture of what you want to accomplish and the time frame that you estimate it will take to accomplish that end product.  Determining if that process will take days, weeks, months, years or a lifetime is one of the calculations needed during goal setting time. Then, how are you going to carry that out?  Objectives!

Objectives are those specific actions and available resources that are intended to achieve the ascribed goals.

For starters; lists work best for me.  I like to establish the small day-to-day steps that will be needed in order to get to that finish line.  However, those small day-to-day to do lists will need to be steps that I will enjoy doing.  If they are chores and drudgeries then they may just be undoable.  Not everything is going to be wine and roses.  However, the journey can be made as enjoyable as possible.  If what I am doing is fun and something that I want to do then I’ll just keep having fun and eventually, whoop, there it is!

Now that I have set a course of action, set the goals and objective to attain that purpose, what is next?  Commitment!

The third element of this trifecta, and the biggy, is commitment. Commitment is the will, fortitude and the follow through to reach a certain goal.  Commitment gives us the determination to turn our dreams into realities

Depending on the depth of the commitment, settings goals and objectives around which to foster commitment may not always be on such a conscious and deliberate level to make or define long term and immediate goals.   Goals set to be completed by the end of an hour, day or week are “easy peasy”.  It is the long-term goals that are challenging at times.

A good example for me is maintaining my ideal weight.  In order to accomplish that, I need to meet a set of predetermined activities every day.   Those daily activities may include exercise, healthy diet and adequate sleep.  The commitment to accomplish that is fueled by the amount of enjoyment that I derive from those daily activities and my passion for the end result.  Is the exercise enjoyable and effective?  Is the food easy to prepare and does it taste good?  Is my sleeping environment relaxing and comfortable and a place where I love to be?

I have learned in my journey that it is almost always too soon to quit.  I have to remind myself in times of frustration that, although I may not be able to see it, my breakthrough may be just around the corner.

Finally, it just feels good to reach a goal because it says something about you and your personal integrity and fortitude. Just for you. bb

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