Destiny VS Decisions

Bobbie Billups

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The theme of this edition of Creative Media Magazine sparked thoughts on the subject that lead me in many different directions. I selected destiny versus decisions as my focus since destiny is predicated on the results of circumstances in the past or predestined, as some people believe.

I believe that the actions of today are bound to have a positive, negative or insignificant effect on tomorrow. So, what can be done today to effect the change that we desire for our future. The effects may manifest on tomorrow or many years down the road may not even resemble anything in our wildest dreams, however, they are a manifestation of our past actions.
The effects of decisions made today can manifest effects years in the future and in some cases be unrecognizable as direct links. Other times the intended result is recognized very clearly.

Now when the effects of pasts act are not exactly the way we want or exactly what we want, hopefully there is the opportunity to reverse or redirect those efforts to effect change. Here we go again, setting goals. It is so important to have a road map of where you want to go. We can still live today actively and in the moment with an eye on tomorrow without stifling the joy of today. That joyful awareness will contribute to the joyful consequential effects of tomorrow.

Each holiday season is a very small example of cause and effect for me. As I celebrate January 2, 2019, my private day of post-holiday celebration, I reflect on my behavior during the banality of the holiday shopping season that seems to attract me no matter how hard I try to resist to the ads and the sensory enticements to buy stuff and forget about the reason for the season. January is my report card day to exam the effects of my behavior with the opportunity to make corrections. I wish it was that easy for evaluating every consequence in our lives, however, exhausting.

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