Discovering Flight

Victoria Toscano

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Taking a Detour

My mind jaunts to the past where the apex of life subsides. Flashbacks of adventures flood each nerve across my body. She was the most adventurous girl; she was a listener. Her thoughts, her expressions, processed through the depths of her eyes in such a way that made me feel understood. She was one of the few that did fully grasp the concept of my past, present, and dreams.  She is one that grows as she stumbles over trials, and that happens for her quite often.

She grew steadily, and I admired her change into a gorgeous creature, as my metamorphosis was close to none. In the quondam time of our childhood, it was us against the world. Wistfully, admiration for her did not allow my being to develop except in the art of dreaming. The paragon of all living creatures attempted to prepare me for her departure, but I faced the two parallel, dangerous towers of denial. I accidentally chose the path of oblivion.

Now, two years later, she is gone. In the best interest of our lives, she flew into a different story, amidst a larger city. Perhaps, she was the chapter that I needed in order to appreciate that not all valuable things are meant to persist perpetually. Rather, to be experienced. Life is one grand journey meant to be chased. I do hope that we, eventually, will unite one more time; I have learned to adventure unaccompanied, but pine for the capability to share my anecdote.

Time: time forced me to fly. Happiness: happiness is what she taught me to chase. Love: love is what I learned to dowse each new discovery in.  vt

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