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I am Bryan York, a photographer in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A year ago I was having a conversation with my friend Ari. The conversation suddenly turned to the subject of conducting a project around the focus of “doors”. The message being that through hard work and the right opportunities (or the lack of opportunities) will lead to the opening or closing of many “doors” in our lives. We both agreed that doors carry much symbolism and meaning behind them. How exciting and unique it would be to conduct a project that conveyed such depth and meaning.

This project carries a lot of personal meaning. In 2015, I suffered from a stroke and became fully disabled. Since I am unable to consistently get out of the house to socialize etc. Photography has been a figurative key to allow me to open doors into an individual’s life, whether just for a few hours or longer. I get to impact each person in some way or form. This has even led to some new and lasting friendships.

Each door that is photographed, with a subject in front of it, will be given a special meaning. Whether personal to the individual or a meaning assigned to that specific door.

A short description, poem, or song will be written describing each door.

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The hope is that this project will help spark and inspire creativity in others. Inspiration that can impact our world for the better!

I began the project seeking help and insight from locals within Colorado.  I first shared this idea with a select few.  Enthusiasm and promises of help at the fresh idea soon followed. However, words without actions are just meaningless words, as I soon learned.

I was frustrated and discouraged, as I gained no momentum. I knew I had to persist and press forward. Finally, a breakthrough came! When I least expected, a new friend came through and helped me locate a venue–Lionsgate Event Center. Not only did this venue present itself with one door but a variety of doors all in one area!

I contacted and presented my project to Lionsgate. It was warmly received. I soon booked the venue with confidence. With the help of JBCM Magazine and donations, the project came to life. JBCM agreed to fund the “Doors” project and turn it into a gallery showing with the intent of raising funds for the next individual and project.

I contacted trusted models, makeup and hair stylist, designers, and additional photographers to assist me. Each lending their unique gifts and talents!  Excitement was evident as the team arrived at the venue.  The energy quickly brought the project to life.  Individual models were each assigned a door, given a meaning, and a team to make the photo come to life.

Once the venue was secured, I was surprised at how smoothly and quickly the project came together. The biggest challenge facing us was that we were shooting in early February and the weather conditions were uncertain. The day of the shoot came and we were blessed with wonderful weather. The results were beyond what I had imagined and by putting this project together I was able to open doors for others: New opportunities opened; new relationships bloomed, relationships were rekindled, new

partnerships began, the creativity of writers opened, etc.

The intent is to have the “Doors” as an ongoing project. Future ideas are already in development and being planned in the Colorado Springs area.

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