Drowning the Blues

Juliet Miles

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2020 was a year of hectivity….hectic-activity. Time to drown the blues, put the past behind and look toward the future. There is a bright future, there always is. Just believe it and have hope.

Photographer: Juliet Miles
Model: Selma Charles
Photo Assistant: Leah Mieras

Making the Photograph

You may wonder how I come up with the ideas for my photos. Simple, after I am given a theme I just let myself daydream. No matter how crazy my visions or thoughts may seem, I write them down and sketch them out in my idea book. Then I get to work making that dream become a reality.

My idea for this photograph was to have the model, wearing blue, look like she is under water. Since closing down my nice large studio space, I was challenged with what I could do in the now small space allotted to me. I am not one to do a lot of post work in Photoshop. I like to do all, if not most, of my work in camera.

Setting up the lights was not a problem. The room had white walls. Since I like soft lighting, all I had to do was bounce light off of the ceiling to create a nice large soft light source.

To create the look of water, I first placed a white sheet on the floor. Then I propped a 4ft x 8ft patterned acrylic panel on some props and placed my model underneath. I took several shots from various angles and settled on an angle where the model’s head was close to my feet.

In Photoshop, I rotated the photo 180 degrees, cleaned up the background, and added some water splashes, swirls and Voila!
I have a wonderful team working for me and I always make mention of them with my photography submissions. My assistant was Leah Mieras and my model was Selma Charles who by-the-way is a fantastic model! I do not currently have a makeup artist, but I am on the lookout for one.

Leah Mieras is a recent graduate from Pikes Peak Community College with a degree in Professional Photography. She enjoys working with Juliet as a second shooter, set and prop designer. She is working towards starting her own studio, where she plans to focus on conceptual and surrealist art.

Leah Mieras – Photo by Juliet Miles

Selma Charles, age 47 is a culinary manager and has two kids. She enjoys modeling, Zumba, creating vegan recipes and the simple things in life that bring her joy.

Model Selma Charles – photo by Juliet Miles

Juliet Miles is a portrait photographer. She specializes in contemporary glamour photography for women. Visit her website: www.tendophotography.com

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