Easy Packing For Your Summer Vacation!

Lynette Jones

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It’s summertime, hooray! This year, I welcomed the season with a deep sense of relief and optimism. After the challenges we all faced last year, the idea of being able to move about outdoors and feel the sun and warm breezes every day, feels like a dream come true. Here in Colorado Springs, we had quite a bit of snow last winter and an unusual amount of rain in the spring, so I’m really enjoying these warmer days.

As we begin to do more of the things we enjoyed before the pandemic, the idea of going on a long vacation or at least a few weekend getaways is super exciting! However, you’ll probably need to think about a few new things when it comes to travel this year. First, you want to make sure you have the proper identification needed in order to reach your destination. Passports are required for most places outside the US, and there may be new places on that list this year. Next, find out if the Covid-19 vaccinations are required for your mode of travel and your destination. Being unprepared is the quickest way to ruin your vacation, so plan early, double-check for new requirements that may exist, and be prepared.

Now it is time to think about packing for your vacation. For some people, packing is a work of art. They know exactly what to pack and how to make it all fit into a suitcase. For others, this can be a real challenge. So, I am sharing a few tips below to help make this process easy for you!
If you do not already have them, packing cubes are a great travel investment. They come in a variety of sizes and fun designs too. Use them for your cosmetics, shoes, clothes, techie gadgets and more.

You already know to pack sunscreen, sun glasses, two swimsuits, shoes for walking on land and on sand, and a great straw hat with a brim. Make sure you pack a jacket or shawl for cool evenings, too.

Capsule wardrobes are perfect for vacations. A capsule wardrobe will typically consist of about 9 to16 key clothing items that you can use to create several fun outfits. You’ll also need a big tote to hold all your daytime items, whether you are hanging out at the beach or site-seeing around town.

It’s a good idea to purchase a waterproof container to hold your passport, phone, wallet, and other important items. Keep them nearby. A few other necessities include a portable phone charger, hair products to keep the frizz in check, nail enamel for touch ups, a good book, and your favorite beach towel. And, this year it’s a good idea to pack disposable masks, hand sanitizer and wipes, too.

I hope my easy packing tips are helpful as you make your vacation plans. And most importantly, may this summer be everything you want it to be and your summer travels be wonderfully refreshing, bringing you endless joy!

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