Energy Balance

Julie Berg

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How do you use your energy? How do you retreat from the external preferences, agendas and intertwined energies of others? Do you take the time? It is essential when using your energy to create ANYTHING. As a naturally creative individual, you can be in the process of a work of physical art or raising a family. You may be building a business or in the visionary stages of an event. It is all the same. We need to retreat.

Most of us do it naturally when we feel the physical energy begin to dwindle. We may notice we are irritable or bitter about our work; maybe even self-critical. This is when we can push pause.
We pull in. We quiet down. Maybe we leave town, turn off our phones and close the blinds. It can be getting out into nature alone or simply more sleep and self-care. For some of us it is easier than others depending on your personality, but overall it is part of a cycle and a bigger picture of balance.

Picasso says that “without great solitude no serious work is possible.”

This makes sense because when you are truly passionate about infusing your messages into the world, we must do the mindful and introspective work. We have to find the core of what we are trying to express and be true to that. It takes darkness and exploring unknown territory.

A retreat can be as little or as much as you, ‘the creator,’ needs. This is a natural process for us all for preservation of light and creative energy. Illuminate your darker spaces and draw from that. It’s essential and YOU DESERVE IT.

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