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Skier Pee and Snow Bunny … what? These are the featured wines of Evergood Elixirs, owned and operated by Matthew Hexter. Evergood Elixirs creates it citrus wines from lemons instead of grapes.

So how did this all start for Matthew. In the early 90’s he received gift certificate from his wife for a coffee roasting class. Afterwards he dived right in, roasting his own beans, sourcing beans and even working for a coffee roaster, where he learned how to roast in bulk.

From there he started brewing beer, took a chemistry of brewing class, cofounded a brew club, started making wine, and eventually fell into creating his own unique citrus wines which he continues to evolve after eight years.

What started as a fun hobby is now becoming serious (but still fun) business. What clicked for Matthew was when he had multiple friends ask him how much it would cost for a case of Skier Pee or Snow Bunny. He received continual encouragement to start a business with his craft. He realized that his citrus wines might be something that has a larger mass appeal.

Instead of jumping straight in, Matthew did some careful market research to see if there good fit for his product. He loves the mantra “crawl, walk, run” in regards to starting a business. After a couple years of careful analysis and development, slowly but surely, Evergood Elixirs has gone from a hobby to a new successful business.

The transition from hobby to business is one that takes focused planning and forethought. If you’re thinking about making a living from your craft, do yourself a favor and watch Matthew’s full interview for some more great insight and helpful information.

Visit the Evergood Elixir website for more information. jbCM

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