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Adelina Srinivasan

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Incidental Muse

The creative process of a particular art form involves skill, originality, and the ability to visualize and generate ideas by observing and analyzing things around us.

Some of the richest sources of inspiration can be found in Nature, religious thought, literature, music, or even dreams. Very often we want to express ourselves creatively, but the starting point appears ever so confusing.

There are two distinct parts of the inspiration process. It seems that we must accept and recognize the possibility of inspiration, and secondly,  we must strongly believe in the inspiration. What we see, feel or hear, greatly influences our creativity and expression. The visual information obtained influences a design more often than not.

The variety of life form around us is astounding. Darwin’s vision of a natural world in which the evolution of complex organisms from “so simple a beginning” gave rise to “endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful,” is a notion that could also describe the many imaginative responses in the visual arts.

Observation and expression, influenced by Nature, can lead to new interesting forms and ideas. Sources of Nature are widely used in the creative process all around the world. A jewelry piece made by a jewelry designer can capture forever fragments of life – an animal running, a bird in flight, the moment a flower blooming, butterflies, insects or fish. These seem to be eternally fashionable themes.

Can you paint a forest without rendering a single tree? Or show the entirety of the forest with just one tree? Go for the abstract form and express a certain feeling and emotion by creating an entire environment for the viewer to walk into or observe from afar. There’s no right or wrong.

In these fast-paced digital times, it is easy to forget and resist that we are one with Nature. Art can help us become more conscious of our true relationship with Her. It is undoubtedly important to feel a connection to the natural world…

The first step to creating art based on Nature is to spend time in Nature. So, unplug yourself. Turn off your devices and step outside. It’s ok to carry your camera with you!  Bring a sketchbook and see what arises!

Tune into your surroundings. Feel the wind upon your cheek. Observe the veins of a leaf, sit against the trunk of a tree, watch a river flow, admire a cloud veil the top of a mountain!

Let your mind be as vast as the sky.


Be still.


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