Forged Through Storms

Quinton Blanche

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Enlightenment & Evolution

How does one stay inspired? I believe it requires utilizing every possible moment to remind yourself of your dream. Remind yourself of who you want to become.
It could be placing ourselves in circles of other fellow dreamers. Maybe it’s looking for the threaded messages between ideas and experiences that remind us of our aspirations.

As we go through the days interacting with life many times we say, “Oh that’s inspiring.” Or we have moments that make us feel inspired.

What is it about these moments that inspire us? This is an important question to ask because it leads to awareness. It helps us to find clarity.

I find life, as an experience, incredibly inspirational. From listening to a song, or having an impactful conversation. As well as hearing motivational message, or maybe a powerful line from a movie that reminds me to continue to go after my dream.

I tend to look at life as if every situation is there to somehow perpetuate the consumption of the “Soul Food” as nourishment. It’s creating an environment and perspective to strengthen my resolve.

Now of course life has a way of challenging us. Putting us in a position where we feel like giving up. A feeling of despair, with what seems like a one little last glimmer of hope left.
I have felt that way before. After a breakup during the year 2020 from a woman I thought I was going to marry. I felt crushed. Investing so much emotional time in our relationship, to having it all fall apart. I have also felt that way before losing a sizable business. Watching how macro economics can change everything in what seemed like an instant.

However, there are two rules I live by. Number one, go to bed, sleep it off. I’ll wake up one day feeling better because time seems to heal all wounds. Number two, after waking up, search for the silver lining in everything. The silver lining can take time to understand. Sometimes it can take years to see. But we have to look all around us to realize the reason for things. We have to search for a new reason to move forward.

From those two ideas I have learned that at some point the tide changes. At some point the darkness that we are enveloped in will dissipate if we search for the light. The key is to know that light exists all around us and to use every opportunity we can to make that realization.

My life in 2020 could be likened to an emotional avalanche. It took just one wrong gust of wind and suddenly a mountain of challenge came rushing into my world.
First my business took a massive hit. When it got difficult I kept thinking, it’s alright Q, you’ll pull through. You have a beautiful, dynamic, and amazing woman still by your side. The thought of her by my side kept me hopeful.

But, the avalanche intensified as the last wind blew. That blow was receiving a phone call from her revealing to me, that she didn’t think we would work. We even had a trip planned to getaway internationally. However, that went awry.

There were also people around us in our relationship who didn’t think we were right for each other. I was engulfed in what seemed like deep darkness.
Why was I receiving this news during this tribulation period in my life? At first I didn’t know why. All I could do was accept being human. I let her go. I let go of what we had.
At the time I felt my worth was in the things I had acquired. My self worth took a major hit. I questioned my worth for a little while.

However, I kept searching for the silver lining. I placed myself back around people who loved me for who I am, not for what I had. I began pursuing my original music by channeling my emotions into song.

I gave myself room to accept what had happened while making a realization that it’s not what I have attained that makes me who I am. It’s who I have become.
All around us there are reasons to believe again. We just have to search all aspects of life for the silver lining.

We have to allow ourselves to be in environments that challenge us to grow. That environment I believe is called “Life”.
Now, I have overcome my past break up. I have started a new business with more wisdom. I have evolved anew.
I have learned it is best to keep our life experiences from all possible angles, a source of inspiration.

It’s knowing that even amongst the trials of the lows to the cycle of the highs, it’s all there to refine us into our greatest self.

If you know your worth, it doesn’t matter what you go through. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a place fortified by your new found self image.
Know who you are, who you can become, and create your destiny.

What inspires you?

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