From Dreams to Reality

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For Artists

For years I was artistically inclined and leaning towards the idea of a career in art with no direction for making the dream a reality. In order to move your art career from dream to reality, the three most important spaces to create change are your mental space, physical space and media space.

First, your mental space is the starting point for all change and influence that you let into your reality. The easiest way to accomplish this and to progress your art to the next level is to move beyond your own mental blocks. Adopt a positive outlook and start taking yourself seriously. No one else is going to take you seriously in your craft if you do not take yourself seriously.

Speaking of your craft, it is your responsibility to hone your skills. Nothing beats putting in the work and practicing every day. Try and complete a fifteen minute exercise involving your craft twice a day. The idea isn’t that you have a completed concept by the end, but that you have a concrete direction for your next project.

Last, forget whatever feelings you may have towards self-promotion because you are going to have to do it. Think about what kind of audience you are speaking to specifically. Who are you thinking of when you create the product? Keep all of your social media up to date with your newest and best pieces so that you continue to put your best foot forward and draw your audience. Word of mouth is still the most dependable way of spreading your business, so take every chance to make your craft visible in the world. This can be one of the most efficient and most fun ways of promoting yourself.

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