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Makeup to Love

Hi there! My name is Yashira. I am a true believer of when you look good you feel good. My passion for makeup developed when I was eight years old. My mother would never wear makeup. My mother was a simple woman that would stay at home for most of the time. One day my mother got invited to an event that she couldn’t resist. I remember my mother wearing a very nice dress and shoes to match with her attire. My mother began to transform, I can tell that she was having fun. She had her music loud and she began to turn into another person. She had the longest lashes ever. Her lips were vibrant red. With my mother I learned the definition of a cat eye. My mother looked absolutely stunning. She was fearless and bold, as though she could conquer the world. From that moment on I had an appreciation for makeup artistry.

I’ve always loved makeup but I’ve never wanted to feel like a job. I wanted to enjoy this experience and not let it overwhelm me. My optimal goal is to help women feel good inside and out. I want to encourage those busy women to take 60 minutes out of their day just for them. Whether is to read a book or have a cup of tea and relax. As women we have so much to balance that at times we forget to take time for ourselves. Taking care of ourselves is important.

This is Analise. She’s a 25 year old working mother of 2. Transforming her was such a wonderful experience. She looked beautiful. I used the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. I love this eyeshadow palette so much. The shades in this palette is easy to use. You can use this palette everyday. The shadows are creamy and easy to blend. The foundation I used is the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation. This foundation is absolutely wonderful it goes on like a dream. I highly recommend this foundation if you’re on a budget. Makeup doesn’t always have to have a high price tag. This foundation is great for the summer and if you have oily skin. I used Milani baked blush in luminoso it’s my absolute favorite blush of all time. It’s a great summer blush. This blush is very inexpensive. That’s some of the main products that I used. I hope this was informative. Until next time ladies.

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