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As someone who is constantly evolving, I’m always setting new goals for myself.  One of the interesting things about goal-setting is that while I’m thinking of them, my ambition is extremely high.  I have multiple ideas and visions and I am determined to accomplish each one.  The piece that doesn’t present itself at the time, is the journey – from where I am, to where I’m going.

While goals are normally set with good intentions, it takes a little more than just a thought for them to manifest.  Let’s take a moment to set the tone of one very important tool that will help us accomplish our goals – our minds.  Begin by programing your mind to believe that your goals are attainable.  Replace any defeating thoughts (such as “I can’t), with positive, can-do thoughts (such as “I can” and “I will”).  Do this throughout the day, until negative thoughts are silenced and positive thoughts are in control.  Elevate your mind to a level of confidence that cannot be defeated.

Once your mind is on a positive, forward-thinking track, it’s time to take action.  Your actions will lead you closer to your goals.  Sometimes the hardest part is starting.  Resolve to take the necessary first steps.  They may be baby steps.  You may need to crawl initially.  Just ensure that you move forward, until your path becomes clearer and your goals become reachable.  Opportunities will present themselves, and doors will begin to open.  Keep in mind that success is not an overnight accomplishment.  It is the result of drive, determination, and effort.  Consider creating a vision board to keep your goals in front of you.  Surround yourself with people that energize and support you.  Rather than wait for the next best thing, acknowledge that it is already here – you.  Everything you need lies in you.  The world is waiting for you to acknowledge and share your gift.

While there may be difficulty along the way, don’t allow challenges to halt your progress.  Overcome them, go around them, rise above them; do what’s necessary to keep moving.  As a creative individual, you are not meant to be stagnant.  Own your creativity; boldly walk in it.  No one knows the impact of your voice until you use it.  Do not allow someone else to determine your destiny.  Define your own and chart your own path.  Along the way, keep your mental recording playing positive, encouraging thoughts.

So go ahead, push fear and doubt aside.  Watch your goals begin to manifest themselves.  The journey begins with a decision to follow the burning desire in your heart.  We are in control of our lives.  Once we understand that and begin to walk in that truth, possibilities are endless.  Build confidence in you, from the inside out.  Believe in you, and watch miracles happen.  Watch dreams come true.  Watch doors begin to open.  Start by setting a small goal, accomplish it, and then build momentum from your win.  Your goals will grow, along with your accomplishments, until you reach the intended destination. tk

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