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Gregory Goodloe is a smooth jazz guitarist and number one Billboard artist with the song named “Stylin'” in 2019. While he is best known for jazz, he’s a musician who plays a variety of genres from gospel, to hip-hop, to R&B and country. He’s even produced music for a horror movie.

When asked about his path to music and desire to become a musician he believes he was born with it. He has memories from a very young age dragging out his mom’s pots and pans and beating on them. That led to his mother buying him his first instrument, the snare drum.

His cousin had a acoustic guitar, which he remembers being so large he couldn’t even pick it up. Gregory would lay it across his lap and strum it. One day they were listening to music from influential jazz guitarist John Leslie “Wes” Montgomery. Gregory’s cousin said, “Once you learn how to play like that, you’ll be awesome.” From that moment Gregory was determined to learn how to play the guitar well.

Gregory found an ad in the back of a comic book that promised prizes for selling vegetable seeds – one of the prizes was a guitar (plastic, but a guitar nonetheless). He ordered the seeds and enthusiastically sold every single packet and got his prize – his very own guitar. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay intact for too long. One night after jump down from his bed to his knees to pray Gregory landed on the guitar, sadly, breaking it in half.

Gregory’s mom, who has continued to be a motivator throughout his musical career, bought him a real guitar that helped him continue his journey.

At the age of 15 he was in a small garage band where they played Top 40 music. He was really enjoying himself and just as he thought he was making progress disaster struck. The way it was explained to him was that the band broke up and when he suggested they create a new band they told Gregory they already had. When he asked who was in the band they said, “Everybody, but you.” Gregory didn’t laugh, but he can laugh about it now.

Again his mother stepped in with love and support and motivated him to become the musician he is now.

Gregory just released his latest single named “Step’ N Out.” He says in a way it’s as though he’s stepping out of his norm. Stepping out into the future, stepping out from a bad place to something new, or just stepping out on the town. However you want to phrase it for yourself, the song represents a personal breakthrough and moving forward!

Gregory Goodloe is a smooth jazz guitarist and number One Billboard artist. His latest single is titled “Step’ N Out.” For more information on Gregory’s music visit his website:

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