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Recently liberated from corporate America, Beenie Mann, author and business owner of Matters of Perspective, is on a mission to help people understand that #HappinessMatters. She believes that happiness is the key to everything, from relationships to improved health.

Beenie’s motivation came recently while working at her job and she simply asked herself the question, “Why am I doing this?” She realized she was miserable, didn’t care for what she was doing and it was actually taking away from her happiness. Even after she tried to convince herself that she should enjoy her work and she should be happy – she just couldn’t do it. From that moment she walked away and has never looked back … she couldn’t be happier!

Beenie has just completed her first book, which was in the back of her mind for over 20 years, called “Happiness Matters” Unleash your superpower in 7 easy steps.” In it she shares her story and how she’s overcome situations as well as the tools, tips and tricks you can use to enhance your personal happiness.

It’s really a workbook that can be read in any order which you find helps you the most.

One of the things that Beenie really hopes people get out of the book is how powerful forgiveness can be for you to achieve happiness.

Check out Beenie’s website here: www.mattersofperspective.com

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