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The Honey Cottage is a wonderful place to go to learn more about this sweet nectar. Crystal Seeley’s husband, Frank, has been a beekeeper for 30 years and together they have started their business. The two have dedicated their lives to the education of honey, and how important bees are to our planet.

jbCM: Please introduce yourself to the readers.
Crystal: My name is Crystal, and my husband and I are the owners of The Honey Cottage.

jbCM: What do you do at The Honey Cottage?
Crystal: We sell everything we can that is beehive/honey related. We are still trying to get Royal Jelly but, right now we have bee pollen, raw honey, whipped honey, honey sticks, honey chocolate, beeswax candles, and more. We want people to know what real, unpasteurized honey tastes like. It comes in different flavors and colors. We have a lot of people that come in and expect it to be the same color, size, and shape. There are many different flowers that pop up throughout every season and it all depends on them.

jbCM: What is Royal Jelly?
Crystal: The wonderful thing about bees is that they handmake everything in the hive! They make the beeswax, use the pollen from the flowers, and put it in their little pollen baskets and take it back to the hive. The Royal Jelly is one of the most unique things you’re going to find because it’s what the queen be eats her entire life. It is a substance that is strictly fed to the queen bee, it has everything she needs to survive.

jbCM: What makes them a Queen?
Crystal: There’s a specific cell in a hive where the queens are hatched, different from all the other bees. The first Queen bee to hatch essentially goes and destroys the other’s and then she takes over the hive. She gets all of the Royal Jelly because that’s what keeps her alive, aside from the protein from pollen.

jbCM: How did you and your husband get into The Honey Cottage?
Crystal: My husband has been a beekeeper for 30 years and when his son was diagnosed with allergies as a child, he was told to put him on dangerous medications. He decided to go to a naturopathic doctor who told him to use local honey. There’s a huge difference in eating table sugar and raw honey straight from the hive. You’re getting vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals that can’t even be duplicated by man. When Frank started using the local honey, he started hand-making his own soap with raw honey, beeswax, and essential oils. It was AMAZING. I used it when I was younger, and I immediately noticed the benefits it had on my skin. I found I wasn’t having any more allergic reactions.

I told my husband he needed to sell his soaps and he said he couldn’t do it by himself, and so I started working with him. The previous owner of The Honey Cottage was retiring, and she offered us the business. For us it’s not just about selling honey, it’s about the education. I just love seeing everyone’s faces light up when they realize how different it tastes than what they’re used to.

jbCM: What do you see for the future?
Crystal: I want us to unite as people and fix things that need to be fixed. The bees need people to plant flowers and stop spraying pesticides that kill them. If we don’t provide the flowers that the bees need to survive, we’ll stop getting the nutrients that they provide in the honey.

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