Hyper Aware

Jay Billups

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On Creativity

How much should you really care about your environment when it comes to your creativity; your core problem solving ability?

No matter how hard you try, it’s not humanly possible to completely cut off stimuli from within and without. However, regardless the origin of your spark, the real magic happens internally and that is the time to release the external influences. Do not put outside constraints on your thought processes.

Photographer: Jay Billups; Model: Silvia Taziri

Of course, when you’re done brainstorming you will have to work out your solution within the confines of the real world. But, if you let the external restrictions limit your thought process will you be able to mentally reach beyond them? Most likely not, you’ll self regulate your ideas to what you deem plausible. Without limiting yourself to the confines you have a much better chance to come up with a solution that would be cause to eliminate a previous boundary!

When thinking “outside of the box” do not think about the box!

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