I Think I Can vs. I Know I Can!

Robin Stephenson

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At one time or another, every working person has thought about starting their own business.  While only a handful do, the reasons for actually stepping out into the scary world of entrepreneurship varies.  It may be the thrill of offering a brand-new service or widget not yet offered to the masses.  It might be the freedom of setting your own hours and working from home, the beach, or wherever you want to set your laptop.  For others it might be the opportunity of earning an income they would never have reached working for someone else.  Whatever the reason, every entrepreneur wants to achieve success.  Why do some make it and others don’t?

There is no magic ball that can show you what the future holds for your business. However, there is one factor that is undeniable and that is the business is yours and therefore will succeed or fail largely based on how you manage your company.  One of the reasons business do fail is because of the limiting beliefs of the leader.

What often happens is that when it comes time to actually start the business and to follow through with all that is entailed in becoming a business owner, self-doubt creeps in.  Your mind begins to allow questions to circle through your self-talk that is destructive in nature.

You might hear things like the:

-I’m Not Ready Syndrome: Maybe I really don’t know enough to start my own business!

-Imposter Syndrome: Maybe people will find out I don’t know everything about my subject area and think I’m not worth what I’m charging!

-What happens if…. Syndrome: What happens if no one likes what I have to offer? What happens if I fail? What happens if I don’t get enough money?

Here are a few solutions you might try to boost your confidence:

– I’m Not Ready Syndrome: Do your research, make sure you are financially able to take the time to start your business. However, the reality is you will never be perfectly ready.  Your business will evolve as will your service or widget.  You can start slowly and transition from your current position to becoming a full-fledged business.  Identify what you are really afraid of, why you aren’t willing to take the risk.  For some entrepreneurs, the concern is more about running a business than selling their widget or providing the service.  Solution: engage the services of a coach or hire a virtual assistant or business manager.  The tipping point will be when the fact you have enough confidence in yourself converges with the plans that are in place to make it happen.

– Imposter Syndrome: If you are qualified and knowledgeable in your subject area, then the only thing that should be allowed in your self-talk is that you are good, you know your stuff, and you are available to help those that want to know what you have to share with them. The Imposter Syndrome causes you to discount your worth and is often reflected in other areas of your business. Rather than “showing-up” as a professional in your field, you project the attitude of one who is intimidated by the knowledge of others. Research shares that approximately 20% of any given group of people you meet will want what you have to sell.  Therefore, look for the 20% and don’t try to be all things to all people. Show-up as the professional you are and by the Law of Attraction, you will find those that need you most.

– What happens if…. Syndrome: Let’s face it, to be an entrepreneur you have to be willing to take risks, be willing to fail, and recognize that falling on one’s face is at least a motion forward! The “what ifs” cause your brain to engage the stress factor in your body.  When the stress factor is activated, your instinct is to fight or give into flight.  Either way, your ability to use rational critical thinking is diminished and rather than moving your business forward, you find you are actually derailing any success you previously obtained.  When the “what ifs” attack, try changing the lexicon of your thoughts.  Focus on being grateful for the achievements you currently have.  Instead try saying to yourself, “I am so thankful for (fill in the blank)!”  Speak the future into your life.  My favorite morning mantra is, “I am so grateful for the love that fills my life, for my health, for my wealth, and for the wisdom I have been granted.”  Read The Belief Zone by Ursula Mentjes.

Neville Goddard said, “It is not what you want that you attract, you attract what you believe to be true!” Therefore, beginning today, take stock of who you are.  Acknowledge that you are a smart, savvy, entrepreneur who is valuable to your field, and there are many out there who are looking for what you have to provide.  Step-up to the challenge, show-up as the professional you are, and most of all, believe in yourself!

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