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Prime Intention

“Imagination” is a word that may bring to mind dreams, creativity, cutting edge technology, and so much more.  For many of us, it is as if, once we turn a certain age the imagination is put away to make room for more crucial aspects of life.  We receive the message, stop daydreaming or playing, focus on getting an education, a job, and act like an adult.  We may begin to ignore our imagination or believe it is a distraction.

I invite you to pretend. Now, think of your superpower, imagine if you had one, what would it be?

Did an answer cross your mind? That answer is an example of imagination. Many people move through their daily lives without giving a second thought to using that part of their mind.  Most adults recall the power of imagery and vision when they see a child put on a cape and transform into a superhero.  The child experiences the persona of the superhero with their entire mind and body. Some of us may long for those days when we could transform ourselves quickly.

Perhaps you can imagine you have those powers back and can create more pleasant feelings or experiences in your life.

Imagination is a faculty of the mind, as is logic, reasoning, and judgment. Imagination can deliver external results from planning a project, or creating products as a result of engineering or art.  It can also be consciously developed to create internal experiences. Our mind does not differentiate between real or imagined, so we have physiological responses to our imaginative thoughts.  Both scientists and philosophers study the phenomena of imagination.  For those who like the idea of science, you can go to and enter “imagination”.

It is possible to develop the imagination, to make it more capable like exercising a muscle. You really should discover for yourself the power of your imagination to create more positive feelings in your life now. Leveraging your mind creatively, you can lower stress, boost your immune system, and perceive more happiness in life.

In a brief amount of time you can experience the power of your imagination with the below exercises, read it then do it or guide someone else through the steps.

Exercise 1:

What would it be like if you just…

  • Take in a few deep breaths, exhale a little longer than the inhale
    Close your eyes (if it is safe to do so)
  • Extend a hand
  • Now, pretend that I placed a lemon in your hand. You can become familiar with it. What do you notice about your lemon?
  • You can now imagine putting it up to your mouth and taking a big bite, become aware of what you notice. Bring your awareness to the inside of your mouth, did you notice an increase in saliva?


Exercise 2:

Take in a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and just pretend that you are feeling really (choose feeling). Become aware of that feeling, focus your awareness on that feeling, where are you feeling it?  Create a movie of you feeling that feeling in your mind. Act as if, you are really ______ and soon your mind forgets to pretend.  Why not make believe you are becoming more and more ______.

Remember, you can use your imagination to change how you feel. By simply actively imagining, you can positively impact the wellbeing of your mind, body, and spirit.

I wonder, how will you use this information to unleash the real power of your imagination in a way that serves you well?

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