Inner Peace

Bobbie Billups

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Wise Words

Wow, everyone is so busy and so stressed!

Almost everywhere people are on phones, mini computers, calendars and a variety of electronic devices. Most people are going somewhere or returning from some where in order to get ready for the next “somewhere”. Children of all ages, from the time that they can sit up unassisted, are involved with electronic devices, rarely raising their heads long enough eat or communicate, intelligibly. If they are not on a device or being externally stimulated by TV, they are preparing to meet some kind of scheduled event or activity. If people are not presently attending scheduled activities, they are preparing to otherwise engage in externally stimulating activities in the near future.

Imagine a state of being completely quiet in you spirit without perpetual noise in your brain and being completely relaxed. To have inner peace, without craving outside stimulus for satisfaction is a worthy goal.

The constant drive for achievements and search for situations to fulfill a deep craving are only as satisfying as the quest and capture of those achievements and situations. Then what! The sense and feeling of disquiet returns. The search and the cycle plays out over and over, again. Wouldn’t it be great to process that peace from within without the need for outside influences? Wouldn’t it be great to have that inner peace with you all the time?

Conditioning by society that is passed on to generations of developing minds by well meaning parents, religious organization, schools and employers tends to encourage constant forward motion and activities. The motto that idle time is wasted time and idle time is the devils workshop to non-productivity is misleading. Because of the culture for constant achievement and upward mobility the joy of just being and not doing is difficult to obtain. Multitasking and productivity are touted as the landmarks of useful living. Honor badges are awarded as evidence of visible achievement. There is little recognition for attainment of inner peace, healthy mind and body because those attributes are not visible and measureable. Not everyone is naturally wired to multi-task. Maybe multitasking is not a part of human DNA and doing many activities at one time is unnatural. Inadequacies in multitasking are identified as new areas that require recognition and correction instead of embracing those inadequacies as natural parts of being human.

Motivation for achievements, upper mobility, a means to contribute to society , a means to support your family and to provide money and food for sustenance is absolutely needed and commendable. However, anything done in excess is not good for mind and body. The search of external stimuli can lead to unhealthy excesses of food, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, emphasis on appearance and social validation on vehicles such as Face book, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, just to name a few.

How can we redirect our outwardly focused energies inward? Unfortunately, it is not a natural process, anymore. We will need to deliberately stop the way that we are living our life. Then we will need to listen to our body and mind. We can to learn how to breath, deliberately. We can learn to be quiet, mentally and physically. We can learn to meditate. I am searching for my life force with yoga. Maybe I will find my chi with Tae chi. Where is your life force? How will you find your inner peace?

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