It Starts with a Thought

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Do you remember when you were a kid and your imagination ran wild? Do you remember being that prince or princess, knight, dragon, cowboy, Indian, dancer, boxer, firefighter, etc.? Do you remember when anything was possible in your imagination?

It is time to bring it all back! Our imagination knows no boundaries, now laws of physics, most of all… it knows nothing about ‘reality’. These days, as adults, we hear about vision boards, affirmations, setting goals. In a sense, it is no different from when we were younger, and we let our imagination run wild.

Same thing, different words and tools.

The same powers are at work. The Greats tell us that if we can see it in our mind, we can have whatever it is we want. Everything we have started with a thought. It was born in someone’s imagination!

The Wright Brothers dreamed of flying. Everybody thought they were crazy. They didn’t listen. Now, because of their vision and perseverance, we can fly to the moon and back.
Edison wanted to bring electric light into every household. People thought he was nuts. Now, we don’t even think about him when flip that light switch.
Henry Ford wanted the cylinders of a car in a single engine block. There were people who wanted him declared incompetent. His own engineers told him it was impossible. Two years of trial and error they came up with the solution. What kind of car do you drive?

Computers, cell phones, radios, TVs, furniture, EVERYTHING came to be because of someone’s imagination and the will to follow through! They told all the nay-sayers ‘Watch me!’.
Imagination is one of our greatest gifts. Sadly, all too often, we listen to the ‘well-meaning’ friends and family who want to protect us from getting hurt. They will give us all the arguments of why this or that will not work or cannot be done. Let them, but do not listen and understand they are coming from their own fears and limiting beliefs.
Let your imagination fly high again like you did as a child. Paint yourself a picture so bright and colorful you will need sunglasses. Involve all your 5 senses in the experience of having and enjoying what you want. The more vivid you can imagine, the better!

Most of all… have fun with it! Your imagination is a blank canvas and you can put on it ANYTHING you want! You are the artist painting the picture and the author writing the story. The only limits to your imagination are the limits you put on it.

Allow yourself to have fun. Allow yourself to imagine as big, bold, and outrageous as you want.

How does it make you feel? Did you notice the smile on your face? Do you notice your happy vibration rising?

Partnering that good feeling with the picture you have painted is the first step in making your vision a reality.

In his book ‘The Power of Awareness’, Neville Goddard keeps repeating: Assume the Feeling of the Wish fulfilled.

Imagine you already have what you want and by the laws of the Universe, you shall receive it. Yes, you will need to take action into the direction you want to go. However, you do not have to concern yourself with the who, what, how, why, where, and when. All this is being revealed as you take the first step into the direction you desire. You simply need to be open to receive and act upon the nudges you get along the way.

How do you imagine your dream life to be?

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