It’s Relative

Brian Bystedt

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The Existentialist

In addition to creating the “Theory of Relativity,” Albert Einstein was also known to have said, “there is no darkness, only lack of light and there is no cold only absence of heat.” Perhaps duality as we think of it is just another way of describing the same thing; its own basis of relativity so to speak. Based on that theory, one could extrapolate that there is no hate, just lack of love; there is no intolerance, just lack of compassion; there is no ignorance, just lack of understanding and knowledge; and so on and so forth. In that context, take the word “esteem”, and let it stand alone. After all, how do we know who we are if not self-expressed? And how can we be self-expressed without the act or acts of doing things?  Learning about ourselves, our capabilities, our journeys embody the essence of “esteem,” its genesis and its variances. It is only a matter to what extent we wish to explore the nature of who we are, those things that define us, and in relative terms our identity.

So, why do so many people seem to struggle within themselves? Is it apathy? Is it feeling insignificant? Is it lack of self-expression? Is it our culture?  Perhaps all or none of these. Maybe it all boils down to our need to build esteem…self-esteem. It seems that many things are just words or entities, or what can be considered nouns until change begins. Now adjectives are added to begin to describe things…describe us. In other words, we can go through life being just wishful nouns or by doing things, (positive things I hope), the adjectives begin to describe us…define us, the foundation of who we are. The more we do, the more adjectives we create that define us…define our journey, our purpose.

“Motivity III” by Brian Bystedt

So here we are, ideally we have given ourselves nouns (artists, gardeners, writers, musicians, etc.). Then we added adjectives (accomplished, emerging, struggling, excellent, accredited, etc.). However, the ongoing challenge is not only to get started, but to continue the process of going from potential energy (desires) to kinetic energy (doing) or as defined in english terms…adding the action verbs, the act of “doing.” We all inherently have gifts of self-expression that really do define us if we only take the time and effort to explore the possibilities. Perhaps most of us will not achieve greatness in these endeavors of doing, if that was an expectation, but we can be fulfilled through greater self-expression in building our esteem.

In years of yesterdays the act of doing things was an integral part of everyday living, even survival. Seemingly, we have gone from labor intensive lives of the past to our present day where one almost has to work hard to justify doing anything.  That begs the question, what is it to be human? Why do we not listen to our DNA, our creative selves? The act of doing things can be expressed in many creative ways, it is who we are….or can be. Passions don’t have to be expressed in some extraordinary way, but can be expressed in everyday things…our own way. Bottom line, it feels good…esteem, self-esteem is a good thing. One which we have domain over if we so chose. Do something, be creative…live life with deliberation. After all…it’s relative!

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