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JahSue is a local, self-taught, hip-hop artist. When creating new music, he does everything himself; writing, recording, mastering, and promoting. He uses music as an expressive outlet.


jbCM: Please introduce yourself to the readers.
JahSue: I go by JahSue but my given name is Josue. My friends started calling me JahSue, which was funny because my father also called me that and there was no connection between them. So it just kind of stuck. “Jah” means a disciple of God, and to me that means I am spreading the good message. It keeps me grounded and humbled.

jbCM: Talk a little bit more about how you have a bigger purpose in mind for what you do.
JahSue: I’m not just doin’ this for me, ya know, music has always been a huge outlet for me. I grew up an outsider, and with music I was able to just sit in my corner and listen and write my own. I actually got in trouble a lot for always having my headphones on.

jbCM: So what do you do exactly?
JahSue: With music production, a lot of it is electronic based now. You don’t need an entire band to create most music anymore, and it gives people a lot of power to make their own. I do everything myself; I step into the booth and record, edit, promote, and master all of the music myself.

jbCM: What kind of music do you make?
JahSue: I make hip-hop currently, I create my instrumentals with modern trap to old school boom-bap.

jbCM: Tell us a little bit more about how you first started.
JahSue: It was difficult to get people interested in working with me because I didn’t have any music out to show. I had to prove myself and put in the work, and then people started to take an interest in me. I realized that I had to earn it rather than just expect what I think I deserve.

jbCM: How did you get into music as a business?
JahSue: For a lot of people, music is just about making the money. For me, it’s more about expressive freedom. I was raised on hip-hop and I just gravitated towards it and decided to make a career out of it.

jbCM: What do you see for the future?
JahSue: Because I’m mainly self-taught in what I do, I hope that I can continue on that same path of development. I hope I stay true to myself, and not stray from the sound I enjoy making while also incorporating the sounds others enjoy as well. I also hope the business takes off, I’ve been using social media more and interacting with fans more to help with that. I’d like to be able to fund others chase their dreams when nobody else will.

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