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Joseph Piko and Chris Skaro are retired veterans and co-founders of J.C. Real Estate Solutions. Admittedly, there are many real estate and investment companies who all want your attention. However, very few possess the level of heart and passion to serve their clients as have Joseph and Chris.

The best way to exemplify how much they care is through sharing a story of a recent client of theirs, Vanessa Eckert. Vanessa is a former US Army soldier and mother of two who also takes care of her younger brother. She was having a difficult time getting approved for a VA loan for a sufficient amount to purchase a home here, in Colorado Springs, that would be able to accommodate her family.

After getting turned down from countless lending companies, she came to Engineering Financial Professionals (Joe and Chris are President and Vice President of Real Estate Investments, respectively). They specialize in VA loans and helping soldiers and family members get approved for the amount they need to obtain the right home for them. Joe and Chris were able to get Vanessa approved for the amount she needed. However, even though she was approved for the funds it was difficult to secure a home with so many people offering well over market value prices. The current market in 2021 can be too competitive for the average home buyer.

Joseph Piko, Vanessa Eckert, Chris Skaro, Owen Tipa. Image provided by JC Real Estate Solutions

To solve this problem, Chris and Joe leaned into their creativity. While leveraging their real estate investing company, they worked with other real estate companies in Colorado Springs; Diamant Enterprises (Donny and Laura Coram) and Diamond Home Buyers (Gabrielle Simmons). This synergy created the capabilities and resources to help our military veterans acquire homes suitable for their families. Veterans, just like Vanessa, now have a friendly helping hand in finding a home.

Also, with their partners at Diamant Enterprises, Vanessa was given the option to renovate the house to her specifications and liking, which in turn, gave her the control to create the home of her dreams.

Contact J.C. Real Estate Solutions at 719-467-5713 or on Instagram @JC_RealEstate_Solutions

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