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Jill Davis: RETREAT

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Themed Thoughts

As a military spouse for twenty- five years retreat used to mean stopping the car on the side of the road to listen to the music and pay honor to the flag at the end of the duty day. It was a moment of time I used to remind my children of the importance of offering respect and honor to the military members for their service and remembrance of those who had given their lives for our freedom.

When I became a single mom and no longer drove on military bases I chose to honor my own retreat. Those moments when I would find quiet, play a special song, and even dance a bit. This allowed me momentary retreats that rejuvenated and honored my energy of caring for four children and a business on my own. That moment reminded me to honor my work and the life I live.

As a life coach, I encourage my clients to take retreats, both long ones where they get away from everything for a period of time and shorter ones during each day to re-align their energy and find a moment of rest. Retreat is a way to honor our lives and those who have gone this path before us.

Jill Davis, Life Coach,

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