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When I think of a beehive, I think of a new paradigm I’ve entered in my life.  I grew up addicted to math and science.  When I looked at the world, I saw it from a very linear perspective.  Everything could be explained in neat order.  I did a nice job of tidying up my life and kept it in all in perspective.

Through a series of events that completely changed my worldview, I began experiencing creativity coming into my life.  Ideas that had no logical reason for entering my mind began to change my worldview.  In this newly found paradigm, the world began to lose the structure it once had.  Life was a lot more random and spontaneity began to become the norm.  My life was very disorganized.  I’m finding now, a place where balance is necessary so that I can complete projects that I start.  My life is much like watching a hive of bees.  It appears, from a distance, to be utter chaos, but each bee has a job to do and they manage to find exactly where they are supposed to go to get the job done.

Jim Sharp, Speaker & Actor, www.jim-sharp.com

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