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Looking back over my 46 years alive, I’ve done a lot of different things.  I’ve taught, I act, I’m a speaker, writer, adventurer, a friend, a father, church goer, non church goer… you get it.  I’ve also traversed rough periods of my life with notable depressions.  When I began to reflect on my self esteem, I realized I had always been measuring myself against others or using all the different versions of myself as way to feel good about myself.  I was gut punched by a big realization, this way of living was not building SELF esteem, because all of these things could go away.  I was merely working to create esteem.

In order to find a place where I wasn’t measuring outside myself, I had to find a place of self love.  For me, it was a connection to my own personal relationship with God / higher power.  Not the God I was being told to believe in, but one I could believe in and put my faith in.  So that’s what esteem means to me.

Jim Sharp, Speaker & Actor, www.jim-sharp.com

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