Kellie Whitney: FLASH

Kellie Whitney

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Themed Thoughts

We are born with a light inside of us; sometimes we need to let it shine for others to see.  Similar to the flashing of a lighthouse, helping people find their way to a safe harbor. Other times, we may need to turn up our light, like the dimmer switch in the dining room, to find our way.

As we allow ourselves to grow brighter, we provide a path for ourselves to connect with our inner wisdom.  Many of us are often surprised by our experience with a flash.  A flash of genius, inspiration, creativity or just enough illumination to show us the way.  Knowing we are born with the light, and we always have access to it we shouldn’t be surprised. Let your next flash remind you that the light is in you,  it can be as bright as you need or want it to be, and you are more powerful than you know.  Don’t let things (thoughts, emotions or experiences) block the view for yourself or others.  Embrace the flash, let it be your reminder and connection to wisdom, peace, love, and light.  Use your flash when the shadows are too much.

Kellie Whitney, Educator

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