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Kind of Knotty – Mark Barsocchini

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Creative Spotlight

Mark, an “IT guy” by trade, is transitioning his profession to the traditional art of nautical knot tying. As a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers, he’s focused on keeping the heritage alive.

Mark was introduced to the lifestyle of a sailor as young man growing up in the San Francisco Bay area. He was a member of Sea Scouts (Boy Scouts on water). When his youngest son joined the Scouts, he volunteered to teach the troop knot tying. In doing so, all of the knot heritage he learned aboard ship came flooding back and was now at the forefront of his mind!

He starting seeing ways he could reuse material to make useful, helpful and attractive products. From hemp to climbing rope to fly fishing line, Mark is creating art out of materials that would otherwise be discarded.

Tired of other people deciding whether he makes money or not, Mark is turning his passion into an entrepreneurial adventure. He’s recently been commissioned make a hemp rope wall for a client in Oklahoma City. Watch Mark’s video to learn more about his knotty adventure. jbCM

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